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Balance posting

An add-on module at no extra cost

In e-conomic, you can use the balance posting add-on module free of charge. This add-on module allows you to enter a batch job that will, for instance, automatically distribute an expense on several accounts based on given percentages or other calculations.

Which formulas can be used?

You have the opportunity to create many different types of formulas that consist of mathematic calculations (+ - / *) or percentage distributions. You may base them on the current or monthly account balance or on fixed amounts.

You also have the opportunity to set up these formulas in numerous steps so that the result of one formula will affect the next, and so on.

How to perform a balance posting batch-processing job

The function for performing the batch job can be found along with the batch job execution for prepayments, depreciations and period closing.

You will implement the batch job each month, and you will then receive a summary where every calculation and result pair is shown separately. If something does not balance, then you will be able to amend your formula before booking.

  • Numerous calculations based on current or periodic balances
  • Easier booking!
  • Mathematic functions
  • Automatically perform recurrent postings
  • A highly automated process
  • Uniform functions across all departments

How to begin using Balance posting

You can activate the free e-conomic Balance posting add-on module in your e-conomic system by going to Settings > Add-on modules > Balance posting. Check the "Access" box and click "Ok". Now you're ready to get started with Balance posting!

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