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Remittance advice - What is a remittance advice?

Definition: A remittance advice is a note sent from a customer to their supplier, informing the supplier that they have paid their invoice. The advice may contain elements such as a text note, the invoice number and the invoice amount, among others.
Remittance advices are not required, but they are seen as a courtesy since they make it easier for the supplier to match invoices with payments.

Remittance advices could be compared to a reciept from a cash register, in that they serve as a record of received payment.
A remittance advice lets a supplier know that their customer has paid their invoice

Forms of Remittance advices

At it's simplest, a remittance advice can be a letter or a note that outlines the invoice number and the payment amount sent or enclosed (such as when attached to a cheque).

However, many companys design their invoices with a removable portion that the customer can return along with the payment.

Modern systems may also scan paper remittance advices into an online system where data entry can then take place. Modern remittance advices can include dozens, or hundreds of invoice numbers, as well as other detailed information.

Remittance advices in e-conomic

You can create your own remittance advice template in e-conomic, and attach it to the suppliers you would like it sent to when you pay invoices.

Learn more about remittance advices in e-conomic in our help site E-copedia.

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