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Dream Doors Ltd use e-conomic

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Because it allows easy access to key accounts so we can negotiate better margins….

Simon Hayward, Business Development Director, Dream Doors Ltd

Uniform online accounting system allows us to support our franchisees

"Our brand has grown at a phenomenal rate and historically each franchise used different methods to manage their accounting – often with little visibility of critical business data.

As the Franchisor we are obviously committed to supporting and driving success within the network and we felt that a uniform online accounting system like e-conomic would allow visibility and therefore the ability to intervene and offer support where necessary."
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Benchmarking of data is essential

"Equally, we wanted a system that would allow us to benchmark data across the group in order to facilitate key business decision making. We chose e-conomic not only because it had all the functionality we needed but also because the service and support levels are exceptional."

The real time remote access is great

"We launched the system late last year and have around 20% of our accounts live and are on target to reach 50% live by the end of Q1.

The benefits are manifold. It doesn’t matter where we are we have 24/7 remote access to the network’s accounts which means we have 100% visibility.

The system also allows easy access to key accounts so that we can negotiate better margins and from a risk perspective, the transparency of the system also helps eliminate any potential fraudulent activity within the franchises."

Service and support levels are exceptional

"The support has been exceptional – the system has a help button which leads to a comprehensive support and tutorial section and once my IPhone has been repaired I’ll be downloading the app too!"

Simon Hayward, Business Development Director

Dream Doors Ltd

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